Ron Frenz

DC Announces Superman Beyond by DeFalco, Frenz and Buscema

DC Blog The Source announced a new one shot spinning out of Batman Beyond for this August.

Read's Reads: Thunderstrike #2 Review

Ryan Read, of the CBN CosBlog, is back with the third episode of "Read's Reads," this time reviewing Thunderstrike #2! Congrats is in order as well!

Read's Reads: Thunderstrike #1 Review

Our very own CosBlog writer and fellow "Going Knowhere" co-host, Ryan Read, has started up a series of "vodcasts" - video podcasts where he reviews comic books!

Review: Thunderstike #1

With Thunderstike #1, readers have struck gold as it's a terrific read filled with great art and one heck of a prize from DeFalco, Frenz, Buscema and Nauck!

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