Sara Pichelli

Spider-Man Miles Morales joining All-New X-Men

Sara Pichelli teases the cover for #32.

McNiven Confirmed Off Guardians of the Galaxy; #7 Gets Delayed

Marvel bringing on another big gun. For a panel or two.

So Steve McNiven Only Did One Issue Of Guardians of the Galaxy

Another Marvel Cosmic success story for Axel Alonso.

NINO Nova Gets New Creative Team! Bye Bye Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness!

Is the new Marvel Cosmic a complete failure? Seems as much.

Guardians of the Galaxy Already Has Fill-In Artist

Sara Pichelli comes on board. That didn't take long.

Marvel Announces Spider-Men By Bendis and Pichelli

Will Miles Morales swing along side 616 Peter Parker in Bendis and Pichelli's new Spider-Men?!

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