Stephen Segovia

WonderCon 2012: X-Men: A return to the X-treme!

Dazzler returns in X-treme X-Men ... but it is not what you think, and that is a good thing!

Dial D For Deviant: Thor To Take On Kirby Creatures

Thor prepares to take on the Deviants in a 5-issue mini, a battle the Thunder God just might lose!

Marvel Announces Thor Vs. Deviants mini

Marvel sent an image and info for "Thor Vs. The Deviants" from Rob Rodi and Stephen Segovia for this November.

Review: Silver Surfer #2 (of 5)

As a reader of the Surfer’s original series, I can just see Stan the Man scripting these thoughts and words over John Buscema’s powerful pencils. Pak is doing Stan proud.

Exclusive Preview: Iron Man/Thor #4

Courtesy Marvel, in stores Feb 23rd! The High Evolutionary’s grand dream for the advancement of Mankind has gone disastrously wrong. The climactic, earth-shattering battle ends here!

Review: Silver Surfer #1 (of 5)

Beautiful. That is the only word with which to describe the first issue of the Silver Surfer’s new five-issue limited series.

Silver Surfer Signing Event With Artist Stephen Segovia

Stephen Segovia will be on hand to sign copies of Silver Surfer #1 on February 19th, 2011 at their Robinsons Galleria branch.

Behold The Herald Of Galactus – SILVER SURFER #1 First Look!

Marvel has released a first look at Greg Pak and Steven Stephen Segoiva's Silver Surfer #1!

First Look at Pak and Segovia's Silver Surfer

Check out an interview with Greg Pak and some penciled preview pages from artist Stephen Segovia!

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