Exclusive Interview: Michael Alan Nelson Builds A New World For The Girl of Steel in Supergirl

M.E. Byron Brewer discusses a new rogues gallery, Kara's place in the Super Family, and more with the writer.

Man of Steel Prequel Comic Book Reveals Origin of Spoiler & Easter Eggs

No Walmart in the vicinity? We have you covered with a complete run-down of the movie prequel comic.

Supergirl Featured In Man of Steel Movie Comic Book

We see a blond girl with Alura and Zor-El.

Another Super Bomb At DC: Supergirl #18 Phantom Writer

Looks like Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar got pulled even though they are still on the cover.

DC Comics Cancels 6 Titles and Shifts Creative Teams

Lots of news and some nice artwork.

Awesome Justice League: Alien Invasion Australia Ride Promo Features Superman, Batman and Starro!

Book a flight to Australia asap and hop on the Justice League: Alien Invasion Ride! Battle side by side your favorite heroes against Starro!

Brew's Crew: The Anti-Monitor

The most dangerous galactic villain in all of the DC Multiverse, no one can outwit or out-fight -- The Anti-Monitor!

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