Another Super Bomb At DC: Supergirl #18 Phantom Writer

Looks like Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar got pulled even though they are still on the cover.

DC Comics Cancels 6 Titles and Shifts Creative Teams

Lots of news and some nice artwork.

Awesome Justice League: Alien Invasion Australia Ride Promo Features Superman, Batman and Starro!

Book a flight to Australia asap and hop on the Justice League: Alien Invasion Ride! Battle side by side your favorite heroes against Starro!

Brew's Crew: The Anti-Monitor

The most dangerous galactic villain in all of the DC Multiverse, no one can outwit or out-fight -- The Anti-Monitor!

Man of Steel 2013: Superman Vs Faora Battle Spoiler Revealed?!

Let's look to the comics to get some possible details on a Superman Vs. Faora faceoff in the Man of Steel movie.

Superman November DC Comics Solicits

DC Comics revealed the solicits for the Superman group of comic books for November.

DC Comics Preview: Supergirl #7

Check out a preview for this week's Supergirl #7, from Michael Green, Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar.

First Look At DC Comics New Earth 2 Supergirl

DC revealed a first look at the design for the New 52 Earth 2 Supergirl.

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