Superman Man of Steel 2013

David Goyer Says He Would Love To Do Green Lantern

Goyer talks science-fiction aspects to Krypton in Man of Steel.

Justice League & More DC Movies To Be Announced Soon

Possible big announcements coming at Comic-Con.

Man of Steel Coming To HBO: Watch The Preview

See Henry Cavill fly exclusively on HBO.

Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Thor 2 Up For MTV Movie Awards

Vote for the Best Hero and who will take home Golden Popcorn.

Guardians of the Galaxy Owns Superman & Man of Steel

Pratt being compared to Han Solo. Rocket Raccoon the kryptonite to WB's Superman.

Cool Superman Man of Steel Facebook Look Back Movie

Check out a look back at Henry Cavill as Superman - from Lex!

Henry Cavill Images At Motor City CrossFit In Detroit

Beard and long hair signify guilt over killing Zod?

New LEGO Movie Spot Features Man Of Steel Hans Zimmer Score

The world will need a man of plastic.

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