Valiant Comics

First Look At Valiant #2

The second stunning chapter of the VALIANT NEXT prestige format limited series.

Rai #5 Preview

Kindt & Crain Launch "Battle for New Japan" in December!

The Valiant #1 Preview & Trailer

A battle millennia in the making is about to begin…

Valiant Comics New York Comic-Con Info and Exclusives

Limited edition X-O Manowar Urban Vinyl Figure.

Watch The Valiant Comics Armor Hunters #1 Trailer

Valitant's Earth-Shattering Crossover Event Begins in June!

Valiant Comics WonderCon Panels & More

Special guests and exclusives.

Unity #5 Preview

The FIRST ISSUE of an all-new adventure for Valiant's elite all-star superteam!

X-O Manowar #21 Preview

Now find out what terrible punishment awaits its former host, Aric of Dacia…prisoner of war!

Unity #3 Preview

Enter: Livewire!

Eternal Warrior #5 Preview

First issue of Eternal Emperor!

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