Wonder Woman

Ben Affleck & Gal Gadot Head To Michigan For Batman Vs. Superman

Updates on production and the actors involved. Plus new UK release date and images of Gadot.

Justice League & More DC Movies To Be Announced Soon

Possible big announcements coming at Comic-Con.

New Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Shows Off The Guns

Gadot continues to train for the role of Wonder Woman.

Awesome Wonder Woman Statue Revealed

Handcrafted with austere beauty and fierce determination.

Who Leads DC's and Marvel's Cinematic Realities?

Lawrence takes a look at who is running the show and offers thoughts of his own.

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Gets Her Boobs Felt Up On TV (Video)

The heat is picking up around the new Wonder Woman!

New Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Taking Heat For Jeans Commercial

Gadot shaking her money-maker to the dislike of Israeli TV viewers.

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