Wonder Worlock

The Wonder Worlock: It’s Not Easy Being Green, Part 1

Is it racial tensions, or is there something more sinister on a faraway world?

The Wonder Worlock: On the Rocks, Part 1

The Dark Mage finds terror beneath the grounds of Ytsan Nobe.

The Wonder Worlock: Sharkinister, Part 2

A queen faces death. Something Sharkinister this way comes!

The Wonder Worlock: The Other Side of the World, Part 1

What lurks for the Dark Mage on the other side of the world?

The Wonder Worlock: Black Magic Woman, Part 2

Precious seconds tick by as the Wonder Worlock must save an innocent child from ... a nuclear bomb!

The Wonder Worlock: Day of the Docrons, Part 2 (of 3)

The covert base has been discovered. Only the Wonder Worlock stands between it and Docron doom!

The Wonder Worlock: Secrets of the Sea, Part 2

A new population makes a world its home. What is hidden in our hero's memories that may mean war?

The Wonder Worlock: A Dish Best Served Cold, Part 1

A nightmare from the Wonder Worlock's past returns to destroy all the celestial shaman holds dear!

The Wonder Worlock: The Devil in the Dark, Part 2

During a personal time of trial, the Wonder Worlock is attached by an unsuspected enemy within his own ranks!

The Wonder Worlock: The Devil in the Dark, Part 1

The Wonder Worlock returns to the planet of his first beloved, and finds an ancient foe ready to strike!

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