X-O Manowar

Valiant Announces X-O Manowar "Dead Hand"

A devastating cosmic showdown beginning this March.

X-O Manowar #30 & Punk Mambo #0 Preview

In stores November 19th.

X-O Manowar #21 Preview

Now find out what terrible punishment awaits its former host, Aric of Dacia…prisoner of war!

Unity #3 Preview

Enter: Livewire!

Valiant Comics Announces Armor Hunters Event For 2014

The most ambitious crossover event of 2014 begins in Armor Hunters #1!

Valiant Comics Armor Hunters Teaser #2

Earth Will Be the Greatest Hunt of All.

COVER SHOOT: The Top 5 Comic Covers for November 20th, 2013

From photo realism to dabbling in amazing Pop Art, this weeks top 5 covers will utterly blow you away! Enjoy!

COVER SHOOT: Top 5 Comic Book Covers For July 10th, 2013

This is a look at the 5 best covers to go on sale this week! With a bevy of books hitting the local shops, these covers will be sure to stand out above the rest!

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