Advanced Review: Flash Gordon #3

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Posted by: Byron Brewer, Managing Editor
created 06/20/2014 - 2:25pm, updated 06/20/2014 - 3:52pm
Jeff Parker,
Evan Shaner,
Jordie Bellaire,
Simon Bowland,
Marc Laming,
Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: 
June 25, 2014

Science fiction in pulp comics. Ya cannot beat it, and I am having a ball with Jeff Parker’s delightfully zany throwback version of Flash Gordon.

In the third issue, Flash is wonderfully adventurous and even more challenging to, well, to be around as a companion, I would imagine, than in issue #2 when he revealed his true identity for the sake of a challenge. (Maybe his father is right!)

Not that there are not serious moments in this current arc. Certainly the manner in which Barin’s people are being transformed by Ming into beast warriors is horrific on a grand scale, as was the unexpected alliance between Flash and those among that group he saved, causing the usual “gladiator arena” tact to rise from cliché to grand adventure with their loyalty to the Man from Earth.

Ming is proving to be a wily and strategizing foe in the frame of Dr. Doom or Loki, much to my surprise. I like it!

And of course all due recognition to the action-filled throwback art of Evan Shaner. It is really making Parker’s plots flow and gives them an air of pulp nostalgia the other pulp offerings are lacking.

To repeat myself: This book is just plain adventure and fun!