DC Announces Free Comic Book Day Flashpoint - Green Lantern Special Edition

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Posted by: Matt McGloin, Editor/Publisher
created 01/21/2011 - 3:07pm



The DC Blog The Source announced that this year for Free Comic Book Day we will get our first look at Flashpoint in the GREEN LANTERN / FLASHPOINT FCBD 2011 SPECIAL EDITION.

According to The Source, this is the perfect jumping on point as Green Lantern #30 will be reprinted which shows the origin of Hal Jordan. The issue also contains the Flashpoint preview.

Flashpoint is the next DC event that hits this summer. Teaser images have been released which seem to suggest some sort of alternate universe timestream mix-up.

FCBD 2011 is on Saturday, May 7th - head to your local shops for some free comics!


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