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Fan Fic Webcomic: Nova 619

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Posted by: Darren Blackburn, U.K. Correspondent
created 12/05/2010 - 3:55pm, updated 04/04/2014 - 9:16pm



NOVA 619

Hello All! Question: Are you missing your fix of Nova action after the climatic events of The Thanos Imperative? If so...read on!

While we wait to see what happens next for Richard Rider and Peter Quill in the main 616 Marvel Universe, and how the rest of the grand Cosmic Cast deal with Devastation looming on the horizon, take a ride through a wormhole to a different universe...which in some ways is very familiar - while in others not so subtly...

» Launch Nova 619!

Nova 619 is a webcomic, heralded into shape by me and ably supported by a cadre of Nova Cadets who are devoted Nova/Marvel Cosmic fans - most of whom hang out at the Nova Prime Deviant Art Group!

Set in the post-war cosmic landscape after the ground breaking Annihilation, the webcomic charts a different path that Richard Rider, the last Nova Centurion, followed from his 616 counterpart; taking dangling concepts from Annihilation 6 and weaving them into a new path for the Human Rocket to travel down, opening up new stories as well as exploring those "missing pieces" that flew out the Annihilation War.

Featured alongside Rich will be some familiar faces: Peter Quill returning as Richard's right-hand man, Emperor Ronan, Gamora, and few a favorites from the United Front, some classic characters from the Marvel past as well as new original characters, heroes and villains, planets and locations - all created by the 619 team. And for those that know their Nova history, some returning characters from the halycon days of the 70's; as well as storylines down the way to try and flesh out Xandarian history including the things us Nova fans would still like to see when Nova 616 returns from the imploding Cancerverse!

The comic will initially be a monthly fix as "serialized episodes" - 6 pages per month as a downloadable PDF file - and no cost! This is to help accommodate the time for the artists and creatives involved - as you'll gather its quite a lot of work to do a web comic!

I'd like to thank Matt for allowing us to host the comic at CBN - and Byron for assisting too! And also kudos to Timelord for giving away some ideas and concepts and lastly Doug Smith - Nova fan no.1!

I welcome any comments, good or bad as this will help not only me but the 619 Nova team - all very talented fans - artists and writers; you can post comments in the CBN Forums!

And additionally, if you'd like to get involved...just visit the group at Deviant Art c/o http://novaprime.deviantart.com/ or send a mail to: [email protected]

Hope you join the ride! Daz



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