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Return of the Star: A Preview Of NOVA 619 by Darren Blackburn, Byron Brewer and Allyson Attic

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Posted by: Darren Blackburn, U.K. Correspondent
created 06/01/2012 - 3:22pm, updated 06/01/2012 - 3:25pm


1815 Despite his death at the end of The Thanos Imperative, Richard Rider, the true Human Rocket has continued to have a huge amount of fans still following his legacy. Sure, in the regular Marvel 616 universe a "Nova" is still around, in the form of Sam Alexander, but he has received mixed reactions. Never fear readers, those still loyal to Nova Richard Rider, who was so superbly enhanced by the exceptional Annihilation storyline, can still enjoy his adventures. There is a web comic produced by fans for fans called Nova619.

In 2010, Nova619, debuted on Cosmic Book News and the Nova Prime Page. Set in an divergent timeline and Universe — the comic utilizes a “what-if?” approach of following Richard's character.  It’s a Cold War Landscape shortly after the events of Annihilation. He combats many dangers with the help of his friends: Peter Quill, Kika, Mira, and Swad. All were former United Front members in the battle against Annilihus.
New readers and those that have followed Nova619 in the past can catch up on all the previous episodes online in the archive here at Cosmic Book News via, or you can download the separate episodes free via the Nova Prime Page.
In these previous episodes we've kept Richard and company very busy. They have set up a cosmic version of a United Nations peacekeeping task force, which with a lot of Richard's help, has tackled the threat of the Veil Kartel, an elusive yet powerful organization. They also monitored the increasing friction between Emperor Ronan and Barroness S’bak with the threat of the Annihilation Wave itself is still a clear and present danger in the background. Also thrown into the mix, is the return of Nova’s old enemy – Doctor Sun - now Sun Prime who was once considered dead. So what’s coming up this year you ask? 
Sun’s plans will have dramatic consequences not only for Richard but potentially redefine his role as Nova Prime to the Xandarians who have dark secrets of their own which till now have remained locked in the dim and distance past. All of this will lead to a situation that will one day threaten not only the reality of the 619, but every single dimension and universe!
After the long 6 month wait — we have a slightly different format. Unlike last year where we had one year long story, this time we have a number of separate stories with either partial connections to the ongoing arc plot lines with Sun Prime and the Veil Kartel, or are self-contained entirely. To achieve this, the Nova619 group has been joined by several talented new faces both on the writing and Editorial duties as well as a number of new artists both professional and amateur who have given their precious free time to contribute to Nova619 web comic. In a nutshell – as no major spoilers – here is the storyline for the upcoming episodes of 2012:
Opening is the 1 part AWAKENINGS, which acts as a dip in the 619 universal ocean. It previews the plots for this year, one of which will probably be a bit of a hard to swallow pill, with a potential re-exam of Richard’s relationship to the Xandarians with their shameful secret! AWAKENINGS is drawn by Nova619 regular Jason Heichel with contributions from Mich Red and Chase Butler. There are also 2 art covers, one by Brad Thingvold and the other by Jamal Campbell.
Following AWAKENINGS is a story that--well, let me hand things over to my first new Co-Editor, CBN’s Elder Statesman, Byron Brewer... 
"I’m very proud to be on Nova619! And not only do I get the chance to contribute to the Nova619 universe, I also have the chance to bring along my long-time creation, the cosmic necromancer The Wonder Worlock! My 4 part story, THE COP AND THE CONJURER, “expands” a lot of background on the galactic guardian as he and Richard Rider find themselves literally in a whole other universe! Fans of Jim Starlin’s Marvel run and Jack Kirby’s Eternals will not want to miss this! The art is done by Nova619 regular Israel Huertas along with inker Victor Moya and colorist Jasmin Steele and Diego Huertas."
Next up is FATAL ATTRACTION, which with a title like that either means Glenn Close is going to crop up boiling a Dire Wraith in a stew, or it features the Nova619 debut of a certain green skinned femme fatale that - oh, das’t - a spoiler! This 2 part story also has some Annihilation flashbacks and also a big reveal about the “whom” behind the Veil Kartel! Co-written by me, Byron and Allyson Attic, art is by newcomers Petra Burkhalter, Josh Strickland, Juan Stewart, Fernando Brazuna, Jasmin Steele and Sash Scott with covers by Sash, Jason, Israel, Jamal Campbell and John Yandall.
Nearing the end of the year, we head for Earth with NO PLACE LIKE HOME. Before you say, oh no, not Earth (oh, you did), this is a radical re-alteration of events. All I can say for now is that it does feature Iron Man, a certain gamma-spawned monster with a bad attitude, an altered fate of Richard’s parents, and the return of one of Rich’s old flames! Co-written by me and Allyson Attic with art by newcomers Javier Jordan Sola, Juan Reis, Zeddero and regular Jason Heichel. Covers by Ryan Bayliss, Giovani Ricci and some other Brit.
Now as Byron has already had a chance to say a few words, I think it's only fair for me to give a bit of space to my other new partner, so here's a small blurb from the Tenacious AA, Allyson Attic...
"Good Golly... we've got some awesomely talented artistic people working on these stories, and they have put their heart into it. It makes me so proud to be part of such a wonderful group of people. I can't seem to emphasize how much I appreciate their skills. With each episode the store line for Richard Rider, THE Nova Prime and ultimate Human Rocket, is brought to more fantastic levels. I hope the readers enjoy the stories as much as we have in creating them."
We hope you'll come along for the ride. As always — any comments are welcome.! Good or bad as it helps the artists and writers improve their work. Remember folks, majority of the peeps who do Nova619 are amateurs and fans — many of whom aspire to work in the comic book industry. So any input is very much appreciated! Don't keep quiet — post any comments in the CBN Forum, in the NOVA619 thread!
Before I shuffle back to my ever untidy desk, here's a few words of intro about some of the other new talents involved in the comic this year. As you'll see, we're widening the talent pool all the time. We're going to need a bigger spotlight!
Javier Jordan Sola - Hails from Badalona, Spain. He both pencils and inks and colors his work. His influences include Jim lee and Alex Ross and he loves playing God of War. He's doing pencils for No Place Like Home. http://barfast.deviantart.com/
Jasmin Steele - Describes herself as a "hermit who likes to digitally color". Jasmin has done colors for several covers this year and begins her sequential collaboration with Daz with Cop and the Conjurer http://jasminsteele.artfandom.com/about/
Fernando Brazuna From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He loves comics, art, flowers and Finland. Favorite writer is William Shakespeare. Fernado provides the stunning pencils for Part 2 of Fatal Attraction. A visual treat! http://fernandobrazuna.deviantart.com/
Petra Burkhalter - Comes from the USA. Done a number of horror and autobiographical comics. Loves Marvel   http://fiendish.tumblr.com/ask
Mich Red  - Loves sports, jazz and cinema. Presently living in Ile de Le Reunion, France. http://mich974.deviantart.com/
Zeddero - Presently lives on a small planet orbiting Betelgeuse. Favorite artists include Moebius, Al Severin and Caza.   http://zeddero.deviantart.com/      
Steven "Sash" Scott -  A multi-talented artist who contributes to several Indie press comics in the USA. Presently working on Armored Champion for White Eyes Comics. Has done a few fabulous covers for both 619 and Wonder Worlock and won the "Design a Dark Nova" contest  — his design for Praetorian crops up in June!         
Josh Strickland - Lives on a Florida mountain and spends time with his wife drawing with that wonderful view. Josh's art is influenced by Manga. Check out his unique version of Nova and in Fatal Attraction. http://darkstampede.deviantart.com/
Juan Stewart -  Presently lives in New York where it’s getting very warm and there's a distinct lack of polar bears. Presently working with Josh as inker for Fatal Attraction   http://thejaz180.deviantart.com/
Chase Butler – From the USA –is one of our latest colourists to the comic. When he’s not colouring, he listens to mysterious voices from the ether.   http://cgbutler.deviantart.com/
Andre-VAZ -  Loves Marvel and Invincible and watching NBA. Vaz does coloring for a number of comics in his native France.  http://andre-vaz.deviantart.com/                   
Josh Van Reyk - Is the editor and founder of Transformers Mosaic https://www.facebook.com/ChooseWiselyProductions, is our first additional letterer and our first Australian! 
With these talented and wonderful artists, 616 Richard Rider may still be trapped in the Cancerverse, but he’s still kicking rocket tail – 35 years on – in the 619! Be there ...online at Cosmic Book News, Nova Prime Page and joining the ranks NewWARRIORS.com on June 30th!   



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