Review: Dark Horse Presents #9

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Posted by: Kenneth Porter, Staff Writer
02/22/2012 - 10:51am | Updated: 2 years 42 weeks Ago
Mike Mignola, Brian Wood, Paul Pope, Tony Puryear, Richard Corben, Rich Johnston, Alan Gordon, Caitlin R. Kierman and M. J. Butler,
Joe Querio, Kristian Donaldson, Paul Pope, Tony Puryear, Richard Corben, Simon Rohrmuller, Thomas Yeates, Michael Dialynas, Steve Lieber and Mark Wheatley,
Dave Stewart, Thomas Yeates, Lori Almeida and Rachelle Rosenberg,
Mark Wheatley, Steve Lieber, Steve Horton, John Workman, Jim Reddington, Nate Piekos, Jared K. Fletcher and Clem Robins,
Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart,
Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: 
February 22nd, 2012

The one type of comic book that I don’t see on shelves enough is anthology series. I can understand most reader’s apprehension for reaching for a book that’s a collection of short stories or serialized chapters of a longer narrative, but I’ll be damned if I don’t speak up and say that it’s an incredibly fun experience. Dark Horse is one of the few publishers to keep walking in this territory and I think it’s working on all levels.

In this edition of Dark Horse Presents we get a wide range of stories from all walks of life. We get a great story featuring a new favorite character amongst readers, Lobster Johnson, and some classic stories featuring characters like Tarzan. For fans of Brain Wood there’s also a chapter of The Massive, which is his new project. I wasn’t completely sure what was going on in the overall scheme of the larger narrative, but the short story was intriguing and kept my attention.

The only drawback I can really see to this whole thing is that there are ten separate stories that you have to invest in. But then I realized that I got something out of this single issue that I don’t normally get from others – time. Most of my singles that I buy every month have been read and put away within ten minutes each, but this was one of those reads where I would read a few stories, set it down, go do something else, then excitedly jump into the next one. It’s almost like having a monthly trade where you get a little piece of multiple stories every time you buy it.

A book that has a long shelf life and a diverse story base is a book that I can get behind. If you’re not a huge fan of anthology series you might want to reconsider and try what Dark Horse is selling monthly. It’s definitely a little pricier than most comics, in fact it’s the price of two Marvel or DC books, but you’re getting a multitude of stories in a single volume. If you love shorter form stories and you’re a fan of what Dark Horse has to offer, this is a book that you should be picking up.