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The Wonder Worlock: All's Well That Intz Well, Part 2

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Posted by: Byron Brewer, Contributing Editor
created 03/02/2014 - 1:15pm, updated 03/02/2014 - 3:07pm



(Cover by Tony Savage and Jim O’Riley)


Before he even thinks it, as if second nature, the Wonder Worlock throws a Shield of Synaster around the towering Intz, guaranteeing that whatever the otherworldly technology of this alien, it will not hurt his "nephews."

Not giving Kr'm Sun a chance for an explanation, the angered Dark Mage hurls bluish Blade after Blade of Bedevilment at the alien warrior, each eldritch knife being stopped by his Binary forcefield.

Before the eyes of Kr'm Sun, the Wonder Worlock sinks underground like a Rock Troll, like his ages-old enemy Ymok, his hands surfacing right beneath the alien's feet, dragging him halfway underground before Sun’s anti-gravity device kicks in and shoots him and the Dark Mage out of the soil like a bottle rocket!

The Intz watch as the necromancer whirls head over heels through the air and lands hard on the rocky surface of the new Jerichowall. Kr'm Sun's blasters shoot away at the Intz-built structure, but the Wonder Worlock is able to prevent major damage with several well-placed Shields of Synaster.

Then using those shields as a fulcrum, the celestial shaman physically throws himself back into the battle, hitting the red-skin with a Spear that would make former WWE Champion Edge proud.

He then takes his black-gloved fists and beats at the water-breather, trying to gain access to the life-giving mask of the alien warrior under its shields. But no soap. Instead, gaining a hand on his anti-gravity device, Sun propels the Dark Mage up into the air of Shirewood II again. But as he comes down from the tremendous height, the Wonder Worlock increases his body's density tremendously, making himself a living cannonball!


The heavy figure that is the galactic guardian lands soundly on the last of the Binary, his weight crashing onto the head of the protected alien.

Both the Dark Mage and the Binary rise slowly from the attack, but the Wonder Worlock is not taken aback. He swiftly opens his dark cloak and out blast volleyball-sized rocks, the Rocks of Randak. Many bounce off the alien's forcefield, but others penetrate, causing the muscled Binary his first real injury of this contest.

Not knowing what this battle is about or what the surviving Binary is charging, the usually diplomatic shaman continues to fight on, to fight for his charges, the Intz of Shirewood II, those beings he helped to create, nurse and train into adulthood.

Gara hundred others, thinks the cowled crusader. There will be no deaths again today!

Then, he screams at the top of his star-kissed lungs: "Zootalaris!"

Eldritch energy crackles white out of the Wonder Worlock's hands, and a literal tidal wave of azure fire wafts its way towards the now-standing Sun. As the wave comes crashing down on him, Kr'm Sun finds his body trapped in a swirling whirlpool that eventually rises into the purple skies like a hurricane.

It is then the water-breather notices the winds which have engulfed him are made up of snakes from a thousand dimensions -- the Vortex of Vipers! -- and several, venom dripping from their lips, are piercing his life-giving mask.

"M-mur...murderers!" Kr'm Sun cries out in the whirlwinds, once again looking at the shielded Intz. "All they w...wanted...was t-t-to ...live ...."

As swift as smoke through a keyhole, the savage winds cease, the vipers dispel. Before the Dark Mage and his tree guardians stands but a lone mutate, indeed the last of his race, his body somehow genetically bastardized.


Long, long ago, around the rim of the Mephistoff Nebula.

A mighty star cruiser of the Binary Empire, now rattling, choking on its own Sonjec crystals which power the hulk, unable to reach hyperspace.

A crew of 137 strong ride the final voyage of the BSSR Libra, a gigantic goldfish bowel looking for a place of dignity to be flushed.

Brg't Sun captains the Libra, he from a family of spacefarers going back to his grandsire 12 generations removed.

Like the Libra and his loyal crew, Brg't Sun is a survivor -- barely -- of a devastating, destructive war with the Docron race, lizard-like invaders seeking to expand their empire by destroying the Binary's own.


The shields around the husk of a once-proud military cruiser are failing, and the flotsam and jetsam of deep space threatens to quicken the barge’s death.

"Land ho!" comes the age-old mariner's call from Crow’s-nest point. A planet, one with few wide expanses of water, but welcome harbor nonetheless.


The Binary crash land on the Shirewood!

The crew of the Libra begin cannibalizing the cruiser, setting up technologies that will allow for hydroponics growth of food as well as devices for keeping water-breathers alive above the waves.

For half a decade and more, the Binary begin to enrich the poor soils on this side of their nameless world. It is a happy time, a family time as Sun and his partner have two children: a daughter, Semi, and a boy, Kr'm.

Then one day, without warning, the Jerichowall fell.

And the long, long history of the Binary race came to an end.

Except ...


"We lost my mother and sister in the sudden and savage attack by the 'trees,' but my father grabbed me and was able to reach an escape pod made of Libra leftovers in case the Warbound Docron ever found us," said Kr'm Sun, his shaking limbs still held fast by the constructive Rings of Randak.

"We made our way almost blindly to a desert world where we crashed, the few little brown men on the surface grabbing my father after drugging him from afar with some simple blow weapon.

"I never saw him again.”

Za, the Wonder Worlock thinks.

"My father hid me in the pod wreckage and told me not to emerge upon curse of my mother's spirit,” Sun continues. “Soon, mole men from under the surface took some of our Binary science -- and me -- and I lived a lifetime of hell underground. The radiation from a nuclear armament they worshipped – worshipped! -- mutated me into ... this grotesque form. I then ... I …"

The Binary stops his story there, the heroic tale of his escape from Underground Za too painful for his memory to process. He slumps before the Dark Mage and the Intz, the last of a dead race.

Seconds pass into minutes most slowly. Long silence. Then …

"I am shamed for my father-seed and his followers," Tokeen the Younger says. "With permission of my uncle, I would invite you to find your home again, here with us, on Shirewood II. On this side of the Jerichowall ... or the other."

"The other ... for now" is his only response as the Rings of Randak fade into nothingness.

A cascade of colored lights engulfs the hulking alien at his summons and Kr’m Sun is carried beyond the Jerichowall as swiftly as he had arrived.

"Sins of our fathers ..." the Wonder Worlock sighs to himself.

"Sir?" the Intz ask, almost in unison.

"The shame is not yours to carry, the guilt not yours to bare, my nephews.

"Come. Let my cosmic senses absorb the beauty of your creation, the green world that is now Shirewood II."




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