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The Wonder Worlock: Blue Planet, Part 2

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Posted by: Byron Brewer, Contributing Editor
created 12/17/2013 - 2:29pm, updated 12/17/2013 - 3:27pm



(Cover by Josh Strayer and Jasmin Steele)


Millions of years ago, the red-skinned race known as the Binary journeyed to Oceanus from their own aquatic planet seeking sanctuary from a great war. At this time, the Oceanans were much more interested in expansion outward into space than in the defense of their own world, and so the intrusion went unnoticed.

The Binary vessel landed in the ocean of Grav Badar, and those peoples began to establish a thriving civilization there, deep in the waters protected by mountains. Especially impressive was their technology, all stored in a cavern at the foot of the mountain.

Thinking they were invaders, all of the Binary were slain by the primitive Baah creatures that to this day inhabit this area of the deep.

The Binary tech has dwelt there all these years, occasionally discovered by strong-swimming military explorers … and others.

Others such as Vargas!


In deep space, light years away from Oceanus, years ago:

The Wonder Worlock is lost in space, aboard a derelict Binary battle cruiser that is apparently haunted by a spirit called the Silent Ghost.

All of a sudden, the celestial shaman “feels” the Silent Ghost in a corner of the bridge and before it can do anything, the Wonder Worlock bombards the entity in a teleportation beam that sends it out of the ship and into the void. He follows.

Upon sensing the wizard, crimson shards of poison fire at the Wonder Worlock. The mage is prepared with the impenetrable Shield of Synaster. He casts an ancient hex:

O mighty light of Ogor

Which glows above the norm

Let thee now reveal

This being’s truest form!

The Silent Ghost is gone and in its place, the true form of … Vargas, late of both Neptunia and the Ghost Zone. Seething yellow energy, Vargas is beginning a teleportation to the Binary ship. The scientist’s theory proves accurate!

Swiftly weaving a null chronal web around the Neptunian and spheres with sufficient water to breathe and protect him from the vacuum of space, the mage says, “So! It is the Binary energies of these two ships, even dormant, that helps with this transference/teleportation trick, I see … energies that you may call on for all these effects.

“I congratulate you, Vargas, for discovering so much about this unknown alien race and utilizing it so efficiently. ‘Tis a shame that brilliant mind is in the body of a murderer many times over.”

Taking a huge risk, the celestial conjurer bows his head low and then releases his arms in tandem. A bolt of cosmic lightning cracks, there is a blink of reality and stench of brimstone, and then both the Wonder Worlock and Vargas find themselves back on Oceanus, in the ocean of Grav Badar, near the cave that the mage sealed himself … one Vargas had apparently been living in after again escaping a brief captivity in the Ghost Zone.

With little ring rust, the ancient aquaman grabs a discarded Binary blaster and sends concussive bursts at the mage, whose eldritch shields render them harmless.

Again, the Roving Rings of Randak hold fast the Neptunian while the Wonder Worlock thinks, probes.

I do not think Vargas’ energy self can be imprisoned in the pocket dimension, as his sentence calls for him to observe Neptunian history and such is here, too near the Binary technology. Perhaps a true exorcism is called for here?

Crossing his arms as Vargas grunts, the wizard miraculously separates the Binary/Intz Silent Ghost from the body of Vargas, and then flings the latter through an aperture into the pocket prison. Then the energy of the Silent Ghost is dispersed harmlessly into the ocean of Grav Badar, a zone made forbidden by Queen Arema herself.


Slowly the mystic sphere of the Wonder Worlock bobbles up and down like an intangible fishing cork, seeing the wonders both above and below the surfaces of this great blue planet Oceanus, a place the necromancer now calls home.

How many mysteries unknown even to Queen Arema will he be able to satisfy once he returns to his beloved and the GoldenCity? How many scientific woes will he be able to help the lab boys solve, the healers solve with the information he has gathered from The Deep?

It truly brings an inner peace to the being created out of the havoc of Salem’s Witch Hunts on faraway Earth. He knows a quiet he has seldom felt away from N’Moy, a world whose baggage he carries no longer.

Then somebody turned on the lights!


A blinding bolt of pure electric current hits the Wonder Worlock in the back, the mage who is in a ghostly bubble and is himself unable to be touched. Obviously, there is more to this energy than meets the eye and the scientist in the wizard has the answer a nanosecond before he raises the Shield of Synaster, his travel bubble bursting:

Why, this is the energy of Vargas in the form of the Silent Ghost … Binary energy, he thinks. By Mephistoff’s Rim, will I never rid myself and this planet of that murderer Vargas? Will I ne’er??!

Then the returning cosmic senses of the Wonder Worlock return, and the space farer views the large, whale-like beast that faces him, some horror neither Arema nor the departed Gar ever mentioned in these waters, a creature brimming with the energy of the bygone Binary race, he is certain.

‘WE. ARE. BINARY!” the beast fairly roars at the smaller black-clad swimmer, looking like a small tropical molly fish in a tank with a large marine iguana. “It is you, the Wonder Worlock, he that we were to seek where the Light Eternal shines, the Golden City Oceana. You have saved us quite the swim, since teleporting takes on so much energy. We tried to tell that to Vargas when he enslaved us, but his will was too strong for us then.

“But now we are reunited, and it feels so good! So prepare to join ol’ dead Cap’n Gar in the underwater burial mounds, ‘O Sir,’” Binary says, surface-scanning the Dark Mage’s mind unbelievably beyond secondary psi-shields, mocking at the last the manner in which Rand, the Star Blazers and many others address him.

Swiftly, the mage joins his hands together in the sign of a Devil’s Cross, much to the confusion of Binary. For a second, the seas seem to darken deeper, as brilliant beams of light arc from the Wonder Worlock’s glowing palms in answer to his hex. High overhead, at the intersection of those beams, there swiftly forms a luminous eldritch cylinder, a cylinder which suddenly breaks apart into twelve perfect rings of magical force. The Rings of Randak!

The powerful roving rings seek to imprison the horned beak and sharp foreclaws of Binary, but they merely annoy the aqua-alien. Purplish vapors are emitted from the rings as the behemoth tears them asunder, choking him. He begins to become dizzy, and the galactic guardian hurls Bolts of Bedevilment at the creature with great effect.

“Bah! Binary does not need to breath within the seas. How is this possible? <Cough, cough!>”

A cosmic lightning bolt then strikes the great lobed gills of the gray one, burning and, in some instances, soldering shut the tubes which absorb the crackling energies around it necessary for Binary to exist.

“Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!” the alien screams, a powerful blast directed from his tail fin hitting the celestial conjurer in the head.

The shaman floats backward through the ocean, head over heels, until he bounces against some type of netting – an enormous web of Binary’s construction.

The Wonder Worlock is stuck, like a fly! And the web is suddenly tightening, and not slowly.

The cosmic legend senses his weakness, and he mouths apologies to every cause, every standard he believes he represents: hatred, injustice and want for freedom. “I … I am sorry. I am undone …”

As he leaves this reality, or seems to, he sees his beloved Arema, a crown of golden light in her beautiful flowing locks; he sees his friend Rand, his black necktie as tight as ever; he sees the many he has lost in a long, long life, chief among them Shalla-Faz. And he sees the recently departed Gar.

And apparently Gar sees him!

Up off yer d’ast knees, dark cloak, the image of Gar says. I’ll be flarked if I gave up me life for a daughter, a planet left unprotected! Get yer d’ast ass movin’ and yer cloak a firin’! Cannon balls! Cannon ballssszzzzzz…..  

New energy, he knows not from where, flows into the necromancer as his cloak rises, pulling his body off the deep sea floor. The Dark Mage then opens that billowing black cape and from there hurl heavy stones of cannon ball size: The Rocks of Randak!


Binary screams a beastly scream, his hold on reality and his own physical form flickering like an old television set. The Wonder Worlock then sends a cadre of Niflheim Knives the way of an astounded alien, who is accustomed to the cold of the sea bottom but not to the climes of Aurgelmir, first and strongest of the mighty Frost Giant race.

I have tried this before and failed, unbeknownst to the creature, but with his present state it may be possible, the Dark Mage thinks.

He separates the space of Oceanus from all things alien within the vicinity, accounting for any objects Neptunian AND himself. Then those alien energies – specifically, the energies of Binary – swirl into an opening Conjurer’s Cone. After a quick flicker of darkness, the once-hulking Binary finds himself a flicker of a flame in a jar at one of the Wonder Worlock’s labs, dimensions away on fair Olympia.


“My beauty, you would not even guess what wonders your world has to offer,” the Wonder Worlock says, huddled up in Ye Royale Bedchamber with Queen Arema.

“How would I know that which I was not ‘allowed’ to see?” she counters, in a mock huffy voice.

“Am I to be beheaded come the dawn, My Queen? Did I defy the Lady of the Golden Throne to that extent?” he asks.

“Aye, Dark One, but you shall not be beheaded when I have yet to see your true face. Instead, you shall be sentenced to a long night and morning of hard labor.

“In bed.

“With me.”

Even the small fish swimming freely through the Chamber seem to giggle as the covers go up and the lights go out.




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