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The Wonder Worlock: Warfarin and Peace, Part 1

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Posted by: Byron Brewer, Contributing Editor
created 08/21/2013 - 1:09pm, updated 08/21/2013 - 1:44pm



(Classic cover by Israel Huertas)


How he came to be in this godforsaken dimension he doesn't know. The last thing Ymok, king of the Rock Trolls, can remember is sliding out the dreaded Dungeon of Doom to melt into the grounds of Threlkel near the Forbidden Zone.

Since then, everything has been a blur as the extra-dimensional winds have carried him this way and that until not even his spaceborn senses know what is up and what is down.

Ymok, king of the Rock Trolls, is lost. Lost in space!

Slowly,  inexorably, the granite-like giant crawls through the desert of nothingness ... onward, onward, toward a goal even Ymok himself does not understand. Something deep inside keeps calling: not the voice of his dead  crew, killed by the time-traveling necromancer Thaumaturge; not the siren call of his Ruby of Reality. Something else, something more primal...

A fellow Titan's need to survive, to find their own way out of the murkiness and into the darkness of the caves and the coolness of the rocks again.

And then of a sudden, the howl curtails, the winds cease. Before Ymok is a bridge, an ancient span, surrounded by blue fires that do not seem to burn. And at the top of the span a bird, a mechanical bird that clicks and clacks its way in flight down to the Rock Troll's powerful frame.

And then it does something most unexpected by the mountainous savage: The birdlike thing extends its tail-- and connects to the very life essence of Ymok!


Ymok cannot even hear his own scream.

The Rock Troll clears his senses, shakes the cobwebs out of his massive pate and squints his eyes at the great ball of light in front of him. This is a form, mostly mechanical, that appears almost as hulking and muscle-bound as he. This is a face of majestic countenance, eyes blazing to give orders, to be obeyed.

Like Ymok, this is a being born to be king.

This is Warfarin, former ruler of the Degaba Empire! This is Warfarin, reborn!!

"Arise, rock thing, and know the gratitude of your new ruler," Warfarin says. "Your king, newly returned to the Land of the Living, would make you his chief thrall. Rejoice, slave; you will not die ... at least this day."

Ymok is dumfounded. But it is an emotion soon replaced by anger.

"I know not who or what you are, mechanical man, but Ymok, King of the Rock Trolls, leads men, plans battles, wins wars! Fie!! I am thrall to no entity, no matter the where, no matter the when.

"I. AM. YMOK!!"

The troll's iron grips glow with cosmic energies as his mighty fist instinctively smashes the automaton facing him. These spaceborn energies are met with a shocking shield as Warfarin's whole body morphs to meet Ymok's haymaker head-on.

Warfarin then tosses bolts of electricity at Ymok. But they are absorbed by his large frame and slowly sink into the ground below him.

This is truly a battle of TITANS!

Before Warfarin can react (having just returned to life and all), Ymok soon follows the king's electric bolts into the ground and then his powerful hands grab Warfarin's feet.

At that instant, instead of heading underground, the former Debagan ruler's whole physique separates into so many mechanical birds and takes to the skies.

Instead of cursing, Ymok...  laughs! Out loud.


Deep beneath the shimmering waves of faraway Oceanus, in a corner receiving room of Queen Arema's Palace Royale, the ancient mariner called Gar and the cosmic necromancer known only as the Wonder Worlock discuss among themselves the world- and universe-changing politics of the day: everything from the coming of the Sh'zam to her world, to the repopulating of Gaza natives, to reports of a  brand new Neptunia (of which the Wonder Worlock is already a part of its governing council).

"How many realms are ye rulin' now?" the old captain had asked the Dark Mage in jest: "Threlkel, Niflheim, N'Moy... should I consult with Queen Arema on yer standings here?! Harharhar..."

"Haha. Let's just hope Landry grows up with Nef's sense of humor and not her father's!" the shaman says.

"Speakin' of Landry, dark cloak, I have some photos here ..."

And so it goes.

Meanwhile, in the Nursery Royale, Lady Landry is holdings court yet again, the center of attention of Arema, mother Nef, occasional babysitter Prima Dona and teammate Smoke of the other-dimensional Star Blazers.

Instead of the usual gab fest, the room is so quiet you could hear a cuttlefish swim by.

Landry is attempting to say the Criptonan supergirl's name.

"Do-nah ... Doah... Dona! Dona!"

"She said it!!!" Prima Dona screams in her ultra-voice, almost shattering  Nef's eardrums under the ocean currents. "Oops. Sorry...

" … she said my name ..."

"What? What??!" says Nef, feigning hard of hearing. "I think I will join the men. Much too dangerous here."

"Oh ma'am," Dona says apologetically ...

"Dona, I am kidding," Nef says. "Just Gar's humor, I am afraid."

And they all share a laugh, all looking at the Gem of the Galaxy, Landry.

Nef's daughter is about to let go another verbal miracle when the Wonder Worlock rounds the nursery's corner wall.

"Arema, Zavar has contacted me and apparently Warfarin has returned! Dona, I know what you will say but... "

"I will remain here, sir," Dona says without hesitation. "You need to teleport the Good Fellow and a few other star ships to the Threlkellian dimension and I know Emperor Traven is off-world."

"Zootalaris! I am doing a better job training you than I thought, Praetor!

"Goodbye, beloved. Shall we, Captain Gar?"

"We'll be back, Nef, don't fret."





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