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The Wonder Worlock XI: It’s a Small World After All

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Posted by: Byron Brewer, Contributing Editor
created 12/07/2011 - 11:00am, updated 12/07/2011 - 11:01am





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The Wonder Worlock battles Java Lynn, by Tony Savage

Despite his high level of intellect and his acceptance of the “different” – he kept telling himself he was, in Microsha, now truly king of a universe – Java Lyn took many months to get used to both his new, somewhat monstrous (to his taste) form as well as being somewhat alone.


Oh, there were other subatomic worlds out there beyond the starless purple skies of Microsha, he was sure; how he reached them or they he, he was not sure.

And then there were those beings he called the Subatomics. They seemed to be native to Microsha and willing to help Java do anything, to show him anything already extant that would help his life’s comfort – all for the attention he gave them as individuals and as a group.

In other words, on this microscopic world, Java Lyn had subjects who did not mind being slaves.

Slowly at first, then at a rapid pace, Java built himself a palace, then a city, then a kingdom on this whirling atomic world. With his new great strength, the scientist was actually able to put into practice many of his discoveries which were just theory on Olympia. The Subatomics worked at great speed, at Java Lyn’s every call and request. Together, this leader and people began to create a civilization that rivaled anything in the Threlkellian Empire, Java believed … it was just that there were few to enjoy its benefits. And he thought that might be a good thing.

When minerals were discovered by Java in the bowels of Microsha, the scientist put the Subatomics to work making eating utensils, simple combustion weapons, and on and on. Every day was like a challenge for Java’s keen scientific intellect as well as his exploring urge: What shall I bring to this world today? he thought every morning.

Even in bondage of a sort -- neither Java nor the “people” saw it that way – the Subatomics never had it better. Java’s labors, his building projects, even his occasional experiments using these beings in rather inhumane ways brought some type of meaning to their lives. Java Lyn did not worry about a kingdom revolt ala Frankenstein.  But like the mythic scientist from that novel, he was now trying to bring something to life: a little gadget called the Macrotron!

Construction of this miles-wide device began almost the minute metals were found in the caves of Growmon Pharr. The Subatomics began increasing the time they spent on Java’s “special project,” as he called it, until whole families had shifts at the site of its beginning.

Now, the spawn of Java Lyn’s mind is almost larger than his kingdom itself, a huge engine that would probably be visible from the space outside the subatomic world, if there were any to so view it.

And its purpose? Well, it is quite the opposite of his Lyn Locks, as the name Macrotron infers. This mechanical colossus was built solely to take Microsha out of its vibrational place in the Scheme of Things and bring it – atmosphere, Subatomics and all – into the world he had left, the dimension of Threlkel, Olympia and his beloved majesties, King Boltart and Queen Meducil. In addition, the mechanism is attached by Java himself (in one of his greatest feats of strength) to a massive starship engine of Java’s design on the Microshan south pole. This engine can drive the planet constantly through space upon a theoretic return.

How Olympia will sing my praises when we add this world to its majestic might!Java thinks. Even Zeus and the Gods themselves will smile down upon their favored son, Java Lyn. I imagine even ol’ Zavar himself might force that idiot King Traven to return my title as Scientist Supreme of the Realm and reinstate me into the Scientists of Threlkel, from which I was previously ousted!

What a great day to be alive! he thought, and every Subatomic in sight – man, woman or child – stopped their labor or rest and cheered Java Lyn’s monstrously lumpy upheld arms, as if they themselves were telepaths like Zavar.



Following the most recent uprising of their former ally, Olympia, in what is coming to be called the Olympian Incursion, Threlkel’s courts find former Olympian rulers Boltart and Meducil along with Warlord Kwang’s surviving command staff guilty of treason and sentenced to a pocket universe called the Ghost Sector for all time.

Others receive lesser sentences; some are even sent to the tiny cells of the Forbidden Zone, by way of King Traven’s reluctant command.

By vote of Threlkel’s Circle of Allies – a new body consisting of all planets which came to the throne world’s defense – Zavar is crowned new ruler of Olympia and the Star Blazers’ headquarters is resituated there. (Traven not one to deny democracy, the Olympian people, most of whom never desired war against their beloved emperor, will choose Zavar as their leader by popular vote mere months later. His only opponent in a very minor planetary sector? Java Lyn’s nephew! He receives not a single vote.)



Not knowing the revolutionary (literally!) changes ongoing on his world, Java Lyn continues to use his keen brain, tremendous strength and nuclear-based powers to lead the Subatomics in a bid to return to his home universe.

But it was the urgency of this very work that, even universes away, caught the attention of the Wonder Worlock’s incredible version of cosmic awareness.

And so, following a trail made by (unbeknownst to the mage) Lyn himself, the celestial sorcerer shrinks … and shrinks … and shrinks. Maddeningly, the necromancer feels uncustomarily out of control!

My universe, he thinks, it rushes at me and around me and through me and I am … freaking out … I am the Wonder Worlock … I am … freaking out … freaking … Why am I not dead what is happening to me why am I not dead … and, oh Zootalaris … I sense that I will soon see a face most familiar?? Not him again .. freaking …!

Thump! Welcome to Microsha.

I have read all of Lyn’s notes on his theories, hypotheses and true observations, but few journeys in my life around space or to other dimensions have prepared me for … this!he thinks. A wondrous world, not really subatomic but existing microscopically because of its access nexuses. When the tingling in my head stops – and if I survive this drama – I must investigate this fascinating vibrational attunement further …! Astonishing!


Blasts of highly concussive nuclear force hit the just-arrived mage from the rear, as a familiar laugh is heard. With time to only erect partial shields, the Wonder Worlock is slow to return to his feet. And as he does, he knows that it is the laughter of Java Lyn, former Scientist Supreme of Olympia, he hears … but his eyes say otherwise!


“Aye, mage, I have gone through a few changes since you sent me to my doom in a head-to-head with a boom dart … oh, and thanks for that, by the way,” Java sneers.

“Java, I …”

“Shut up! For once you will listen, hear me?!”


The dark mage tumbles head over heels across the strange turf of Microsha as the Subatomics spring from underground hidey-holes and manhandle the new arrival. Like Gulliver on Lilliput, the Wonder Worlock seems to be all tied up at the moment … but he in a chain of living creatures obedient to the whims of the man-monster his eyes and mind still cannot accept.

“Behold, monster, the Roving Rings of Randak!”

A swirl of crimson in the air, and then nothing.

The mage chants as he struggles: Twelve rings has Randak/Let them come to me/Pinchers of Power, grab these creatures/That I might be free!

It is then that, to his voice command, the unbreakable crimson rings encircle the mighty monster Java has become, while the Pinchers of Power deposit the multitude of Subatomics, a dozen at a time, miles away from Lyn’s kingdom.


Propelling himself with nuclear energy, Java Lyn takes to the skies as he incredibly frees himself of Randak’s Rings. The Wonder Worlock is in fast pursuit over the plains of the micro-world, slinging Blue Bolts of Bedevilment to little effect.

I am afraid I sense the problem, the mage thinks. The low-level radiation being given off by my unexpected adversary is weakening my powers as it also weakens me. He does not realize it, but he is also slowly killing the native population of this subatomic world.

At least I have broken through psionically as he was briefly held, and I have discovered his secret: the Macrotron!

As Lyn journeys toward his massive invention, his plan alters. But before he can fully consider it, a tornado of plagues head his way. The Wonder Worlock has unleashed the Vortex of Viruses!

The winds entrap the soaring monster in their grasp as the chemical makeup of Java Lyn begins to change. He then falls from the skies as his propulsive blasts cease. The mage summons a conjurer’s cone which slowly begins to shut about Lyn, but he leaps up, out and toward the nearby hulking Macrotron.

All of a sudden, the machine is on!

Quickly casting a Reverse Curse, the Wonder Worlock vanishes from Microsha, actually traveling through the shrunken nexuses backward on his journey to Olympia. He knows what must be done!

For the planet’s other population, a queer feeling overcomes them as master and slaves alike start to expand – as does their world!

Like a flower opening in spring, or a chrysalis revealing a new butterfly to the world, Microsha swiftly appears outside the orbit of Olympus. Thanks to telepathic contact by the Wonder Worlock with Zavar and some precautions already in place (utilizing the power stone of the Star Blazer known as Prism), the world’s sun Helios is unaffected by the minute gravitational changes.

Now fixed in orbit about the star, Microsha’s native population open their eyes in amazement. Never have they seen the sky so blue, felt their atmosphere so crisp. And it is then they also feel the terrible weakness of their bodies, all coming from a now-conscious Java Lyn!

My radiation, the once-scientist realizes, it is killing everyone! It is killing Microsha and will soon spread to dear Olympia – and beyond, outward to the empire!

Before either the Star Blazers or the Wonder Worlock can confront him, the man – not the monster – Java Lyn makes the ultimate sacrifice: he uses the remainder of his nuclear might and destroys the Macrotron!

As Microsha and Subatomics remain unaffected, Lyn himself begins to expand, expand out to gigantic size.

Growing, growing, growing … until the molecules of his body themselves become visible.

Nuclear fallout from Java deflects the Wonder Worlock’s many efforts to shrink him back down to regular size, and the mage is also busy keeping that monstrous form intangible so as not to effect Helios’ system.

Soon, and quite quickly, the would-be King of the Universe is just … gone.




Prima Dona, leader of the Star Blazers, the Threlkel Empire’s elite super-powered fighting corps, stands on the new world in her adopted solar system with the Wonder Worlock, a personal friend of King Traven himself.

“What say you, Prima Dona, to my proposal?” the mage asks.

“You challenge me, O sir, that is for sure,” she responds. “Now I am not only in charge of the Star Blazers – seeing to their relocation onto Olympia from Threlkel and their training as a team – but I am also a nurse maid to a world of alien simpletons?”

“Read your Earth history, girl. Read the chronicles of Ceti Alpha Prime, the constitutions of the the Sh’zam, and learn from their mistakes,” the Wonder Worlock said. “These Subatomics experienced slavery at the hands of Java Lyn and welcomed it – welcomed it!! How pathetic is that?”

Prima Dona looks at the population of Microsha, all awaiting some communication from her and the man in black. Then a tear falls down the left cheek of the female Criptonan warrior.

“How much more,” the Wonder Worlock concludes, “will these beings welcome freedom? You shall bring it to them, Prima Dona; yes, you! Ahh, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”



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