First Look At New Nova on New iPad From Marvel Infinite Comics

Take a look at the new Nova on the new iPad from Marvel Infinite Comics by Mark Waid and Stuart Immonen.

Timelord's Thoughts On The New Nova: Not Interested

Will Marvel Cosmic fans embrace the new Nova?! Find out what our very own Timelord thinks!

Marvel Teases Infinite Comics With New Nova

Marvel released a teaser featuring the new Nova for Marvel Infinite Comics.

Disney's Ultimate Spider-Man Nova Is Not Richard Rider

A new Nova with an attitude compared to Spider-Man will be featured in Disney's Ultimate Spider-Man.

Jonathan Hickman Says Its Going To Be Exciting For Marvel Cosmic Fans This Year

Hickman hints at things to come and states Marvel Cosmic fans will be happy this coming year.

Capcom Teases Nova's New Costume Will Be Seen Somewhere Else?! Comics, TV, Movies?!

Could the new look for Nova be featured in The Avengers movie, Ultimate Spider-Man or Avx?!

Avengers Vs. X-Men: Which Side Will Nova Choose?! AvX Program Guide!

Nova is featured as a "Trailblazer" in the AvX Free Program Guide. However, maybe he has already chosen his side!

Marvel Collecting First Appearances of Nova, Star-Lord and Guardians of the Galaxy This May

Does the collecting of Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star-Lord in TPB form give a hint of things to come?!

Galactic Guardians HeroClix: Nova!

HeroClix revealed the Nova Richard Rider figure for the Galactic Guardians line.

Toy Fair 2012: Marvel Figures Include Nova, Beta Ray Bill, Drax and more

Check out some of the more cosmic characters from the Marvel Universe and Legends line shown at the 2012 Toy Fair.

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