Jeph Loeb's Nova Sales Lower Than We Guessed; On Par With DnA Run

Sales are basically the same for Loeb and DnA's Nova.

Nova #2 Drops To #40 On The Top 100 Sales Charts For March 2013

We know he is not the Human Rocket, but maybe the Human Bomb?

NINO Nova Gets New Creative Team! Bye Bye Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness!

Is the new Marvel Cosmic a complete failure? Seems as much.

Marvel Rips Off Kamen Rider Sprits Anime For Their New NINO Nova

Not Nova's helmet, but a character from Anime. Big surprise.

Now Stephen Wacker Begs Retailers To Support Guardians of the Galaxy; Issue #1 Has 17 Variants

In a letter sent to retailers, Bendis GoTG is compared to Giant Sized X-Men, Spidey and Civil War.

Marvel, Stephen Wacker & CBR Ban Nova Fan IP Address From Website

CBR doing Wacker and Marvel's dirty work? Probably not the first time.

Sorry, Stephen Wacker It Won't Work; Still Not Buying Nova

Wacker brown-nosing going on with the Richard Rider fans.

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